Joe's Awesome Catering!



10 oz: $5.99
Quart: $18.95



10 oz: 6:95
Quart: $20.95



Small, bite size chimichangas

Beef or Chicken

Sold in increments of 20 at $15.95


Box Lunches

with one side:


Spinach Avocado Wrap - $7

Club Wrap (Steak or Chicken) - $7

Fajita Steak Wrap - $7
BBQ Sandwich - $6


Pollo De Rey - $8

Taco Salad - $7

Cheese or Beef Relleno - $7


Sampler Platter - $50

Queso, Guacamole, Beef Nachos, Cheese Quesadillas with Beef and Chicken Chimipoquitos. Serves 8 to 10


Quesadilla Tray - $40

Grilled Tortillas. Filled with jack and cheddar cheeses and your choice of chicken, steak or mushrooms. Lettuce, sour cream and jalapenos. Serves 8 to 10


Taco Bar

Your choice of 1 item from list A and 2 items from list B for 20 or less. If your party is more than 20 people, choose 2 items from list A. $8.99 per person.



Fajita Chicken (add $1)

Fajita Steak (add $1)

Ground Beef

Shredded Chicken

(4 oz per person before cooking)




Brown Beans

Black Beans

Mexican Corn


Cheese, Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream, Jalapenos, Flour Tortillas, Crispy Taco Shells, Chips and Salas. 


Taco Bars come with everything you will need - warming stands, plates, utensils and napkins



Sopapillas - 10 each $7.95

Fresh Baked Cookies - 10 each $7.95

Chocolate Brownies - 10 each $8.95


Sides (sold by the quart)

Rice - $6

Pinto Beans - $7

Black Beans - $7

Mexicorn - $7


All items are sold with an appropriate amount of chips and salsa for your event. Catering items priced for in store pick. Items can be delivered for a fee. Full service catering (delivery, buffet setup and teardown) is also available for large groups.



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