Menu Items - Available ALL Day!

Nachos served with lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo and jalapeños. Guacamole .99¢



Queso - Cup $3.49   Bowl $6.29

w/ Ground Beef - Cup $4.19    Bowl $7.29


Supreme Queso - Bowl $7.99
(Chili, queso, diced avocado, brown beans)


Tableside Guacamole - $8.79

Diced apples, jalapeños, onions, Mexican corn, cilantro and tomatoes



Fajita Nachos

Chicken $7.99

Steak or combination - $8.49


Macho Nachos - $7.99

Ground beef, brown beans & guacamole


Combo Nachos - $6.99

Combo of cheese, chicken and macho





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Flour tortillas stuffed with melted cheese, sautéed onions & bell peppers. Served with sour cream, lettuce, pico de gallo and jalapeño. Guacamole - .99¢


Fajita chicken - $7.99


Fajita steak or combo - $8.49


Mushroom - $7.99


Spinach - $7.59


Shrimp - $9.49


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Joe's Sample Platter - $9.99

Cheese Quesadilla, 2 chicken and 2 beef chimipoquitos, beef nachos, chili con queso and guacamole


Chimipoquitos - $6.99

6 of our signature Mini-Chimichangas! Served with queso.


Chicken Flauta - $7.49

Covered with Poblano Cream Sauce on half & queso on the other. Topped with lettuce, tomato, Cilantro Lime Crema and guacamole


Ball Park Nachos - $9.49

Tortilla Chips piled high with your choice of beef or chicken, black or brown beans, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, chili con queso and sour cream


Brisket Nachos - $9.79

Double layered goodness, brisket covered with Monterey Jack & Colby cheese, diced onions, queso fresco, jalapeños and Adobo BBQ sauce


Ten Layer Dip - $7.99

Beef or chicken, black or brown beans, ranchero sauce, lettuce, chili con queso, tomatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream & jalaoenos


Ghost Chili Cheese Fries - $7.79

Colossal Crunch Fries covered with homemade chili and topped with smoked ghost chili cheese


Mexican Pizza - $8.49

Crisp 8" flour tortilla shell layered with cheese and salsa. Topped with ground beef, tomatoes & jalapeños








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Dressing Choices: Ranch, Poppy Seed, Joe's Signature House & Cilantro Lime

Enjoy extra Ranch or Signature dressing with your salads or chips for only .79¢

Pozole - Traditional Mexican Soup

Cup - $1.99

Bowl - $3.99


Taco Salad - $7.29

Ground beef or chicken


Fajita Taco Salad

Sautéed onions, bell peppers, fajita steak or chicken

Chicken - $7.99   Steak: $8.99


Chicken Avocado Salad - $8.99

Spiced chicken, avocado slices, black charro beans, Mexican corn, tomatoes and cheese on a bed of shredded lettuce


Joe's Chicken Cantina Salad - $8.99

Grilled Chicken with bacon, black charro beans, shredded cheese, Mexican corn, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce


Mexican Cobb Salad - $8.29

Mixed greens, diced turkey, tomatoes, Queso Fresco, cucumbers, sliced eggs & avocados






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Served on a sizzling skillet with onions, bell peppers, fresh tortillas, pico de gallo, sour cream, lettuce & cheese. 

Choice of two side items.


Chicken Skillet - $10.49


Steak Skillet - $11.49


Shrimp Skillet - $12.99


Mushroom Skillet - $10.49


Steak, Chicken &
Shrimp Skillet - $11.99




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Includes your choice of two sides


VooDoo Enchiladas - $12.99

Sautéed crawfish with poblano and bell peppers, cilantro and Cajun spices.Topped with Poblano Cream Sauce and Mexican crema


Chili Lime Salmon - $10.99

Grilled salmon marinated in fresh lime, olive oil and sweet Thai chilies


Pollo Del Rey - $8.99

Charboiled boneless chicken breast, cheeses, tomatoes. Served on a bed of rice


Chili Verde - $8.99

Classic Mexican Pork entree swamped in a mean green Tomatillo sauce (not for sissies!)


Pork Belly Tacos - $8.99

Roasted Pork Belly with apples & brown sugar. Finished cabbage & Cilantro Lime crema. Served on flour tortillas


Fish Tacos - $8.99

Pan-fried Tilapia, Chipotle slaw, cilantro & pico de gallo on corn tortillas

Substitude Shrimp - $9.99


Bang Bang Chicken Tacos - $8.49

Crispy Chicken Tenders tossed in BANG BANG sauce with mixed greens, Pico de Galo, Cilantro Lime Crema & Queso Fresco. Served on Flour Tortillas


Mexi-Cali - $11.49

Rolled chicken breast stuffed with a zesty spinach filling over rice, with two cheese enchiladas and topped with Salsa Especial.


Fajita Tacos - $8.99

Two flour tortillas loaded with sliced chicken or steak, sautéed onions, bell peppers, fresh cilantro, Queso Fresco and pico de gallo


Carnita Tacos- $8.49

Slow roasted pork, red onions and cilantro neatly packaged into warm flour tortillas


Brisket Tacos - $9.99

Sliced brisket loaded into 2 flour tortillas with spring mix, queso fresco, red onions, Adobo BBQ sauce and topped with sliced avocado


Joe's Side Items

Rice • Brown Beans • Black Charro Beans Mexican Corn • Fries • Vegetables • Salad

Substitute a cup of Chili for $1.00 extra



Combo Creations

Pick One $6.99 • Pick Two $8.49 • Pick Three $9.49 (Served with choice of two side items)



Beef - topped with Joe's special sauce

Chicken - topped with Joe's special sauce

Cheese - topped with Joe's special l sauce

Pork - topped with Verde sauce

Spinach - topped with Poblano Cream sauce


Tacos (Soft or Crispy)

Ground beef or Chicken with lettuce & cheese



Ground Beef, Chicken or Bean in 8" tortilla



Pork (with Verde sauce)




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Shrimp Poblano - $10.49

Two cheese Poblanos lightly fried and filled with sautéed shrimp topped with Poblano Cream sauce


Cancun - $8.99

12" flour tortilla, beef or chicken burrito and a beef taco

Enchiladas Del Norte - $9.29

2 chicken and cheese soft flour enchiladas, topped with Poblano Cream sauce. Served with pico de gallo


Fajita Enchilada - $9.29

1 chicken & 1 steak enchilada w/ cheeses, Salsa Especial, onions & bell peppers


San Antonio - $11.29

Grilled chicken breast served with 1 chicken enchilada, 2 beef chimpoquitos and chili con queso


Burrito Gigante - $10.99

Huge 20 oz. burrito, half beef, with Tex-Mex sauce and half chicken with Salsa Especial and cheese


Vegetarian Burrito - $8.29

Fresh sauteed spinach, queso fresco, onion & bell peppers, pico de gallo and portabello mushrooms in a flour tortilla


Baked Soft Taco - $7.29

Beef, rice, tomato, lettuce and cheeses. Served with Salsa Especial, and pico de gallo


El Presidente - $9.99

2 chimipoquitos, 1 beef taco, 1 beef and 1 cheese enchilada. Topped with Salsa Especial


Fajita Burrito - $8.99

Chicken or steak & cheeses rolled in a flour tortilla, Salsa Especial, onions & bell peppers


Burrito El Grande - $7.99

Ground beef or chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese in a flour tortilla. Topped with Salsa Especial


Poblano Dinner - $8.99

Two hand rolled Poblano peppers, your choice cheese, or ground beef or brisket ($1.00 extra)










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Monday thru Saturday • 11AM - 4PM • Lunch menu items served with choice of one side (except Taco Salads) • NO SUBSTITUTIONS PLEASE


VooDoo Enchiladas - $6.29

Sautéed crawfish with poblano & bell peppers, cilantro & Cajun spices. Topped with Poblano Cream Sauce and Mexican crema


Lunch Burrito - $6.29

Topped with Salsa Especial


Chimipoquitos - $5.75

4 chicken or beef mini chimichangas topped with cheese and Salsa Especial


Beef Enchilada &

Cheese Enchilada - $6.29

2 enchiladas smothered in Salsa Especial


Taco Salad

Choice of beef or chicken - $6.49

Fajita chicken - $7.29


Two Tacos - $5.29

1 seasoned beef taco & 1 chicken taco


Baked Soft Taco - $5.79

Beef, rice, tomato, lettuce & cheeses, served with Salsa Especial


Lunch Tamale - $4.99

Pork with Verde sauce


Cheese Enchilada &

Taco Combo - $6.29

1 crispy beef taco and 1 cheese enchilada


Poblano Chicken Enchilada - $4.49

1 chicken enchilada, topped with Joe's Poblano Cream sauce


Poblano Pepper - $5.79

Choice of a cheese relleno topped with Salsa Ranchero, or a beef relleno topped with Tex-Mex sauce.


Lunch Fajitas - $8.49

Choice of sizzling tender steak, chicken or a combo of both.

Served with fresh trimmings & one side


10 Layer Burrito - $5.99

Beef or chicken, black or brown, chili, lettuce, queso, tomatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream, and jalapeños all wrapped up in a 12" flour tortilla


Joe's Side Items

Rice • Brown Beans • Black Charro Beans • Fries • Corn • Vegetables

Substitute a cup of Soup, Chili or Salad for $1.00 extra









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All burgers are 1/3 lb. patties served with lettuce, red onions, tomato, pickle and french fries. Ask for our homemade sweet pickle!


Classic Burger - $6.99

That's one tasty burger!!!


BBQ Bacon
Cheeseburger - $8.99

Slathered with Adobo BBQ sauce and bacon


Ghost Chili Cheeseburger - $8.99

A perfect blend of meat & heat! Sriracha sauce served on the side


Guacamole Burger - $7.79

A big scoop of guacamole and pico de gallo


Club Wrap - $6.99

AMixed greens, cheese, tomatoes, bacon, ranch dressing and fajita chicken


Jalapeno Queso Burger - $7.99

Our house recipe Queso topped with fresh jalapenos


Mushroom Burger - $7.79

Classic Burger topped with sautéed mushroom and Queso Fresco


BBQ Sandwich - $6.29

Shredded pork smothered with Joe's BBQ sauce


Spinach Avocado Wrap - $6.99

Fresh spinach, avocado slices, fajita chicken, ranch dressing, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes in a flour tortilla














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For children 12 & under. Fries and soft drink included.


Child's Soft Taco - $4.99

Child's Bean Burrito - $4.99

Child's Chicken Strips - $4.99
Child's "Big Cheese" Quesdadillas - $4.99

Child's Cheese Enchilada - $4.99

topped with Joe's queso




Sopapillas - $3.99

Lightly fried pastries sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar, and honey


Fried Ice Cream - $4.99

Cinnamon, sugar, honey, and chocolate with crispy corn flake crumbs and whipped cream



Joe's Salsas & Sauces

All made from scratch! Queso can be substituted for any sauce for only $1.00 extra

Tex Mex

A very mild chili based sauce


Salsa Especial

Our signature sauce made with green chiles and our own blend of spices


Poblano Cream

Roasted Poblano peppers blended w/cilantro, sour cream, lime juice & Serrano pepper



Tomatillos, jalapeños, onions and spices make this a fantastic sauce if you like it hot